William Farrell
Chicago, IL

Hi, my name is Will Farrell – actually it’s William B. Farrell IV. I like to think that I’m part of a dynasty – at least that’s what I tell people when they ask if my name is in fact, Will Farrell. I was born and raised in NJ and contrary to popular Midwest belief, it is a fantastic place to live. No, sorry, I don’t have an accent, fake tan, or gelled spiked hair. Actually, I have the world’s nappiest hair. See above. Anyway, I grew up in a family of five. I’m the oldest and apparently that makes me the most responsible. I guess it’s kind of true. I have a bad habit of learning the hard way so my younger siblings Brian and Lauren know exactly what NOT to do.

As a child, I was fascinated with trucks and school busses. My parents would go out of their way to take me to construction sites and let me watch, for what seemed like hours, these massive pieces of equipment move piles of dirt. The sounds, smells, power, and sheer size were so cool. I tried my best to replicate this in my sandbox with my plastic trucks – but it just never felt the same. Growing up I played sports, I was the cleanup hitter in little league, (tee ball), and played defense in soccer simply because I could kick the ball down the length of the field. Mind you, I never really had any skill or technique – I would just try to kill the ball and see what happened. I was a dodge ball superstar. My typical attire at school was round gold-rimmed glasses, curly hair, and a tucked in t-shirt. Clearly, I was a ladies man.

In middle school my passion for science, technology, and “things” continued to develop. I built, tuned, and raced alcohol powered remote control monster trucks. I took apart and reassembled a lawnmower engine multiple times in technology class, like five times. During the 7th grade bridge building competition, I built a bridge out of toothpicks and Elmer’s glue that withstood over 350lbs of force before finally breaking. Yes, I won. In high school, I played golf. I was pretty good with a single digit handicap – probably because the ball never moves. I graduated high school in 2007 and started at Lehigh University in the fall.

As you can guess, based on my passion for math, science, and all other nerd-y things, I chose Accounting and Finance as my major. After three semesters I was done with it. I had one of those “I told you so” conversations with my parents and they supported my decision to transfer to the Engineering school: the only person to make the switch that year. Lehigh opened my eyes to a social scene which revolved around Greek Life and parties. I slowly came out of my socially awkward shell and joined Lambda Chi Alpha. Attending parties on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday helped my academics as I found out my love for Mechanical Vibrations and Thermodynamics was so strong, I took each of them more than once. This was part of the reason for my fifth year victory lap – the most memorable year at Lehigh. I was elected High Kappa or pledge master. After nearly five full years of being apart of Lambda at Lehigh I envisioned, created, and executed the most influential new member education programs. To this day, it's my proudest accomplishment. There is no better feeling than having an impact on someone’s life, let alone 26 of them, for the better.

Now you’re probably wondering how my photography hobby began. Interning as a Mechanical Engineer for two summers in Northwest Indiana, (Gary area), affords you lots of free time. I can’t really tell you a reason, one day I just said screw it, and bought a DSLR camera. I filled up my time by reading hours of tutorials about exposure, camera usage, settings, and techniques both in camera and on the computer. I was hooked. Not only were these cameras marvels from a precision engineering standpoint, but it allowed me to pursue my love of computer hardware and software.

I started with Adobe Lightroom as my editing software. I outgrew its capabilities and taught myself Adobe Photoshop CS6 as well as some other specific editing software suites. I soon found myself editing massive 200+ megapixel photos that brought my aging laptop to a standstill. I built myself an over-clocked workstation with three color calibrated wide-gamut IPS (in plane switching) displays. Today, after three years, three different cameras, and hundreds of thousands of pictures, I can say that I have a hobby for life. It’s my escape. It’s my passion. It allows me to push myself from a technical and artistic perspective. It’s a hobby influenced by emotion and one that will continue to evolve and develop. I love it. I love sharing the stories behind the photographs that you can find on this website – some of which are pretty well known. I love the conversation starters that hang all around my apartment. I love the challenge of creating the photo that I envision with my imagination.

Thanks for reading,