Lustre Photo Print

24x16 - $40
30x20 - $50
36x24 - $65
40x30 - $75

1-1/2" Canvas Gallery Wrap

24x16 - $110
30x20 - $140
36x24 - $175
40x30 - $225

3/4" Aluminum Float

24x16 - $125
30x20 - $150
36x24 - $275
40x30 - $300


So, you're looking to add some of the most exquisite photos of Chicago to your wall. I'm flattered. Feel free to contact me with what you're looking for. I can print any picture, any size, any crop on any substrate. Please follow this link to see what I can do for you. Framed? Matted? Gallery Wrap? Float? Poster? Seriously, anything. Below are prices for my most popular options. These are fine art gallery quality wall displays - you will not be disappointed.


 I was referred to Will's work when I was looking for some wall candy for my living room. It only takes a few minutes of browsing Will's gallery to realize his talent for photography.  Would it be a landscape, architecture, or automobile shot?  The decision only became more difficult when I began dissecting the deep portfolio of well composed and thought out photos. I couldn't help but think that I was never going to make a decision. That is, until I came across a few photos of an early model 911 driving down an empty road.  The leaves had changed to the perfect color to match the wheels on the cabriolet as it loped through the countryside thanks to the nuclear power plant in the trunk. I knew that I'd found what I was looking for.  

Once I made my selection, Will made the rest of the process a breeze. He is extremely knowledgeable about printing and framing techniques and recommended that I have the photo printed on aluminum with an inch float mount. I didn't know what any of that meant but I knew I could trust his judgement and when the final product arrived just a few days later I was blown away by the result. The aluminum is so crisp and glossy that every detail is as sharp as a tack and the float mount makes the entire scene literally jump out at you.  It has been a conversation piece for any guest in my home and I'm already trying to choose another of Will's photos to bring more life to my walls. - Tom Pallotti


I contacted Will after I perused his website during the fall of 2013.  I was really impressed with his work, especially keen on his automotive photography.  I personally have always wanted good shots of my 1998 993 so I proceeded to contact Will.  We shot early on a Sunday morning in Downtown Chicago as well as a few suburbs.  The results speak for themselves!  Will was very courteous and engaging.  He did not dictate the shoot but rather gave me the freedom to request the angles and shots I so desired.  The post production process with Will was again, easy and professional. Great working with him and I plan on contacting him again on future projects!  - Ross Montoya, M.D. 


I ordered a canvas black and white photo of Chicago's skyline from Will.  It is professionally mounted, and makes a great centerpiece for my kitchen.  Will is extremely gifted, and his passion is clear via the pictures he takes.  Highly recommend his work! - Craig Peters